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Custom Cosmetic Solutions

Exceptional hair products formulated with advanced bio-peptides, amino acids and liposome to enhance hair and scalp health as well as obtain desired aesthetics.

 Shampoos & Conditioners
 · Resolve hair loss by promoting and stimulating follicle cell proliferation.
 · Moisture therapy.
 · Advance keratin smoothing treatment.
 · Natural curl enhancement.


 · Hair and Scalp Care
 · Topical solutions for hair loss and scalp therapy.
 · Topical solutions to promote balanced scalp micribiome and hair growth.

Formulate and develop new products in various hair care and hair coloring systems such as creams, liquids, powders, paste, shampoos, conditioners and gels.

· Oxidative hair colors that reconstruct hair as well as deliver vibrant, long-lasting colors.

· Semi and Demi hair colors that deliver vibrant and luminous hues.

· Organic type hair color for healthy hair coloring options.

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