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Chief Cosmetic Chemist


Cassandra Celestin is The Beauty Chemist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Cosmetic Science. Her combined experience as a cosmetic chemist, licensed master cosmetologist, and micro-pigmentation makeup artist makes her a valuable asset and a triple threat.

As a chemist, she is a complete cosmetic chemist with over 15 years of experience researching and developing personal care products such as hair care, hair color, skincare, OTC, and color cosmetics. Many of her formulas have been displayed on countless beauty store shelves worldwide under various top recognizable brand names.


Cassandra is not your average chemist and cosmetologist. She is one of the most talented formulators, hair colorists, hair stylists, trichologists, and make-up artists in today's creative and trendy beauty industry. As a master cosmetologist, she is not limited to the salon, she has extensive experience in the areas of print, theater, television, and film. Her work has graced the pages of countless elite magazines and she has worked with national and global television networks and productions. 


Being very passionate about mental health while working closely with clients in the hair salons, Cassandra pursued a master’s degree program in psychology. She is an advocate for self-care and as a beauty industry influencer; she emphasizes the importance of selecting suitable raw materials, formulation techniques, and product applications that are used for personal care and beauty enhancements. She combines her immense passion for beauty and science, uniquely designing the necessary products consumers need to achieve healthy-looking skin, stunning hairstyles, and flawless make-up looks.


Cassandra serves as a mentor for experienced and young professionals as a STEM and beauty educator across the country. In addition, she is an advocate for children's and women's welfare, working with nonprofit organizations.

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